DriftWorks 1972 Hilux

Driftworks 1972 hilux

The concept for the Hilux came about when James was looking for a cool new project to take on. The prerequisites were that it had to be retro, reasonably practical, be able to accept a couple of mountain bikes chucked in the back, and yet remain fun to drive and have the ability to easilty upgrade with MX-5 parts. Essentially, the plan was to re shell an MX-5 into the truck. Please see the bottom of this post for the build videos.



  • Power around 220hp at 0.6bar (8.8psi) boost
  • 1,099kg, compare to the original 1,090kg


  • MX-5’s 1.8L
  • Subaru Turbo to the Mazda block using a G19 turbo kit
  • Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU,
  • Custom OBP sumped fuel tank filled with foam baffles to stop fuel surge when on track
  • External Sytec Motorsport fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and filter fitted inline
  • DynoTorque fabricated exhaust from the G19 down pipe backwards
  • Simons back box with a custom down-swept tip.
  • Kass Differential


  •  MX-5 front sub frames with fabricated mounts
  • Driftworks own HSD coilovers with
  • Driftworks adjustable arms,
  • Whiteline MX-5 anti-roll bars
  • Stock MX-5 steering rack and brakes.
  • Destroy Or Die front steering knuckles
  • Destroy Or Die front lower arms 
  • Double wishbone setup at the rear Driftworks adjustable arms.
  • Powerflex rear sub frame Bushes
  • Modified Mazda power plant frame
  • Zinc primer powder-coated chassis
  • Driftworks hydraulic handbrake setup


  • 15×7-inch +32 Work Equip 40s finished in a unique cream colour


  • 3D Printed 1800T badges
  • Updated LED rear lights
  • Verde Guacamole’ paint, with cream contracting engine bay


  • Nardi wheel
  • OEM Hilux clocks.