About us

DynoTorque is a fully equipped garage and workshop owned and run by Craig Taylor in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Craig has always had a need for speed. Craig first started engine swapping at the age or 17 with a VW beetle. After that he was heavily involved in motorbikes, servicing, modifying and racing them.

As Bikes became more seasonal DynoTorque started to specialise more in cars. The need for speed from racing bikes continued in cars and DynoTorque have made many fast and special creations.

As DynoTorque is based in Birmingham, the home of the rover. It was natural for Craig to start engine transplanting rover V8’s in to cars. Eventually this led to using an LS1 engine in an RX7. From there DynoTorque has become a leading LS engine conversions.

based in the UK, with over 50 LS engine builds alone. Builds include The DriftWorks V8 Corolla, Many Ls engined RX8’s, TVR’s and an LS3 Porsche 997 and many other builds. DynoTorque is not just limited to V8 builds. DynoTorque has built TVR cars, M3 Track cars and V10 E46 M3 to name a few.

DynoTorque has been running for almost 20 years making crazy creations. From such a varied past Craig has gained a massive knowledge base. Enabling Craig to do such conversions. As a small company DynoTorque gets to know the customer and the project on a very personal level, working with them to result in the perfect build.

DynoTroque has come a long way in 20 years and is only going from strength to strength. So, please have a look at the gallery or our social media profiles and contact us with any questions you have..