S65 E30 M3

S65 E30 M3

Phil, Co owner of Driftworks wanted something that could be used on track that was light and had big power. The S65 block from an e92 M3 with a DCT gear box was transplanted. This build has been covered in detail by driftworks on their Youtube channel. If you are interested please see the bottom of this post.



  • 430 Bhp


  • S65
  • Modified S65 sump
  • K&N induction kit for E92 M3
  • Custom 3D printed stacks
  • Standard E92 exhaust headers
  • Protec swirl pot with integrated fuel pump
  • Syecs ECU
  • ATL Fuel cell


  • Camber and castor adjustable geometry from custom top mounts.
  • E36 mono pro HSD fronts
  • Coil over converted rear with HSD mono pro with compact brackets
  • Manual steering by titan engineering
  • MK60 ABS unit from E46 CSL
  • Group A front control arms modified for increased lock
  • adjustable anti roll bars
  • Powerflex bushes
  • Alcon Calipers
  • 356 mm front disc
  • 343 mm rear disc
  • custom bells and brackets
  • 3.6 Drexler LSD with custom ramp angles


  • Work MCO in satin black
  • 17 x 10 at the back
  • 17 x 8 at the front


  • Painted riviera blue
  • modified Carbon fiber wings
  • Carbon fiber bonnet
  • Resin boot and Carbon fiber wing


  • Carbon door inserts
  • Recaro seats
  • Carbon fiber firewall
  • Carbon fiber dash, Flocked
  • NRG short hub quick release
  • Custom Nardi Driftworks steering wheel
  • AEM dash